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COTU (A 501c3) is a proud member of the Metropolitan Arts Council, the CL Syndicate and supports the Metrolina Theatre Association..

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AUDITIONS FOR The Rocky Horror Show ARE:
~ February 15th- 17th, 5pm until 8pm @ Tommy's Pub.
2007 Central Ave., Charlotte, NC 28205
~ Contact:, 704.301.2861 


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~ For years, COTU has brought you some of your favorite shows to life on stage. There have been some who have looked at our work and dismissed it and even a few who have attempted to sabotage shows. We have had past cancellations for various reasons and each one was difficult. This is part of the cost and business of art. In our
recent cancellation of "Everybody Goes to Rick's" we were made victim of a false contract. There will be those who will look at this and question what has happened- to answer those questions I will post the emails that were sent and information I have available (pending the go ahead from those looking into the incident). I admit to making mistakes and I fully own up to that as this has been a trying experience for all involved. We do not wish for anyone or organization to go through this. Just so you know, as mentioned before, an investigation has been started on the parties who committed this act. So fair warning- read over everything, have a lawyer look at it, and confirm. Going forward, COTU will implement a 'discovery' post showing our contracts so that those who have questions can see and review our process 
(case in point, our request for Lion in Winter and Rocky Horror) .
Our apologies to those who wished to see 'Rick's..' and to all of those involved.
As always- support the arts where ever, however and whenever the occur. 

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2007 Central Ave, 28205
Please send an email to for more information and scripts.
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*GONZO: Fear & Loathing
March 11th- 15th & 18th- 22nd.
*Durang v. Ives: A New Director's Project
April 8th-12th.
April 15th-26th.
*The Rocky Horror Show
May 20th- 30th.
*The Lion in Winter
July 8th-18th
*TBD- Duke theatre
July 12th-25th

Aug 25th- 29th.

*2nd Carolina Arts & Theatre Awards
Aug 30th.

*An Adult Evening With Shel Silverstein
Sept 2nd-5th
*A Disturbance in Whitchapel
Sept 20th- 27th.

*Queen City Fringe Festival
Sept 24th- 27th.

*Nosferatu: A Silent Experience
Oct 21st- 31st.
*The Mouse Trap

Dec. 3rd- 13th.

Show lineup may change depending on
availability of rights and any other odd thing.
All tickets are suggested donations.
All the time. 

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  We had a blast!
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