COTU is an AWARD WINNING collection of artists who wish to bring innovative works to their world.

  We are: THEATRE BY ANY MEANS! Our goal is to bring new talent and audiences to our local community plus give opportunities to existing talents to showcase their work while increasing skill sets. Citizens of the Universe is a non- profit 501(c3). [EIN #: 56-1922771] and is a proud member of the Metropolitan Arts Council, the CL Syndicate and supports the Metrolina Theatre Association..

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COTU is a 501c3;
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*An Adult Evening With Shel Silverstein 
August 20th- 30th.
Sept. 10th-20th.
*2nd Carolina Arts & Theatre Awards
Sept. 6th.
*A Disturbance in Whitchapel
Sept 20th- 27th.
*Queen City Fringe Festival
Sept 24th- 27th.
*Nosferatu: A Silent Experience
Auditions: Aug 24, 25, & 26th
Directed by James Cartee
Oct 21st- 31st.

Dates for auditions and show lineup may change depending on
availability of rights and any other odd thing.
Request for rights are open and available for viewing
to the public by clicking on the title.
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To those who saw our last show!


Durang v. Ives: The New Director's Night!

  We had a blast!
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